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Remedial Work

When we carry out an EICR, (Electrical Installation Condition Report) or visit a property on a call out due to an electrical fault, it may be necessary to undertake further electrical remedial work.

Whether it is a replacement consumer unit, new light fitting or a new installation, a clear precise and honest quote will be sent to you, explaining all the information you require to understand what is required and why.

At IDV Electrical we do not baffle or confuse our client’s into undertaking unnecessary work for our benefit. The benefit is entirely the client’s, there is a problem this is what it takes to solve it and everyone understands why.

For example, following an EICR you will receive the report and quotations for any Code 2 and FI, (Further Investigations) which are required to receive a ‘Satisfactory’ report, and you will receive a separate Code 3 quotation which are recommended works. That way you have the information to make your decision based on the facts.