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Our Rates

Electrical Services Standard Rate London Rates
Quotes Free of charge* Free of charge*
Call out – Pre – Booked £30.00 Per Hour + VAT £35.00 per hour + VAT
Call Out – Out of Hours 18.00-7.30 £45.00 Per Hour + VAT £50.00per Hour +VAT
Emergency Lighting
Standard Rate London Rates
Monthly Flick test £45.00+VAT £85.00+VAT
Yearly Test Site visit required** Site visit required**

* Free estimates are for situations where the landlord requires a quote to replace or fix a fault e.g. economy 7 Heater, that cannot be completed on a call out (no remedial work is carried out)

** Emergency lighting installations vary in size – it is recommended that a site survey is taken out before a price is given

The call out rates are a minimum charge for the hour. If a job requires longer an estimate will be sent to you before any necessary, work is carried out. The aim of the call out is generally to fix an immediate problem. At no stage, will a job be extended unnecessarily.

Following each Electrical Condition Report an estimate will be produced if required

Electrical Condition Reports
Standard Rate London Rates
1 bed Flat £80.00+ VAT £110.00 +VAT
2 Bed Flat £100.00+ VAT £125.00 + VAT
3 Bed Flat £110.00+ VAT £135.00 + VAT
2 Bed House £120.00+ VAT £145.00 + VAT
3 Bed House £140.00+ VAT £155.00+VAT
4 Bed House £150.00+ VAT £165.00 + VAT

PAT Testing
Standard Rate London Rates
1-20 Items Minimum Charge £30.00+ VAT Minimum Charge £65.00 + VAT
20-500 items £1.00/item+ VAT £1.50/per item + VAT
Fuse Replacement £0.25+ VAT £0.75+VAT
Replacement Plug top £2.50+ VAT £4.50 +VAT
Replacement IEC Lead £5.00+ VAT £7.50+VAT