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Electrical Installation Condition Report

The process, depending on the size of the property takes most of the day. Each electrical circuit from the consumer unit, and an agreed percentage of electrical points such as sockets, light switches, lights etc. are examined for damage/condition and to check to see if they meet current regulations.

The purpose of an Electrical Condition Report is to determine the age and safety of an electrical installation. To examine and test all of the circuits from the consumer unit and report any dangerous, and potentially dangerous conditions


Page 2 of the report deals with any faults/dangerous conditions and recommendations and are identified by a series of codes.

Code 1 – dangerous and must be improved immediately

Code 1 have to be dealt with immediately either by rectifying the situation if possible, or by isolating the dangerous circuit/electrical point and issuing a Danger Notification Notice to the client warning them there is a dangerous situation and it is not safe to use the installation or part of until it is rectified immediately – Includes exposed live wiring and damaged electrical points where someone has a direct shock risk.

Code 2 – Not immediate danger but must be improved

Most common, these faults are not causing immediate danger of shock or fire but have to be remedied to gain an installation a ‘Satisfactory’ from the condition report – Includes missing RCD for socket outlets that may supply portable equipment outdoors.

Code 3 – Doesn’t meet current regulations but is still safe to use

Generally speaking any installation over 10 years old will have Code 3’s because it simply means the regulations since the installation was installed has changed. It is recommended that any Code 3’s are rectified but an installation is deemed safe to use if they are not – Includes missing conductor identification at light switches.
It must be noted that any future electrical work that requires an electrical certificate such as a new circuit, an upgrade of the electrical system maybe required.

You will receive a 7 page report on the electrical installation detailing circuits and all elements including faults of the installation.

In order to achieve a satisfactory result all code 1’s, 2’s and Further Investigations must be rectified.

IDV Electrical will:

  • Produce PDF of Electrical Condition Reports the same day
  • Send over accurate and detailed quotations for any necessary remedial work
  • Perform fault finding including faulty lights/sockets to properties without power
  • Be on the end of the phone for any queries you may have
Further Investigation – Further time is required to find a fault on a circuit

A ‘Satisfactory’ cannot be issued on an installation if during the report a fault or missing circuit deemed potentially hazardous is not found – Includes poor earth reading on a lighting circuit.

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